iPhone Art

I really enjoy my iPhone.  It’s a great tool and maybe an even better toy.  My iPhone helps me keep track of email on many accounts and keeps me tied instantly to many friends by IM.  It’s the apps that make the iPhone most interesting.  The games are great – even though they can suck up a lot of time.  I’ve got a guitar that actually sounds pretty descent.  One of my favorite apps is SpawnMusic – not for its music but for its art.  It takes a seed and a random number generator and draws some great stuff.  Just capture it to a file and you can have some very nice wallpapers.  It is random and it is fast moving so getting a good picture is like snapping photos of snowflakes falling onto a warm surface.

iPhone Art - by Byers

Bombs Bursting In Air – by Byers


War Games - by Byers

  War Games – by Byers

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