What was that?

We’ve all heard the moaning and groaning as we queue up for the security checks at the airport.  “Those guys” scanning our carry on items and poking around in our junk.  Just how hard can it be?  Maybe we should take a look at the world through an X-ray scanners eyes.

I’ll help with this first image.  It’s an electronic, hand-held calculator.  Pretty cool, huh?  Now, is there anything in this calculator that shouldn’t be?  Oh, and we must finish checking this bag in 5 seconds.

Hand Held Calculator X-Ray

Can you guess what this second image is?  We’ll add 5 seconds although we’ve already used more than the time alloted for the image above.

Musical Card X-Ray

How about guessing this third one?  Do you want another 5 seconds?


These are actually some of the easy images – piece of cake type stuff – imaged on a clean surface with no obscurants (junk) around them.  We’ll share more in another post and share the answers to the last two images.  But first we want to get our thinking right.  The important question is not “what was that?” it is “what is that?” – finding it early enough to react appropriately – every time.

So, what is that?

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