What was that? (2)

Did you identify the items shown in the X-ray images posted 120417?  The first was an HP hand calculator which was rather obvious.  Remember the challenge is to – quickly – determine that this is indeed an HP calculator and only an HP calculator.

The second image shared in that post is that of a musical greeting card.  Pretty easy.  But is this item with batteries, a switch, some kind of controller module and wire going to a round, amorphous “thing” just a musical card?  The third image is that of a compact fluourescent light bulb.  How do we know those tubes are actually filled with light producing gas?

Bottom line: it takes a little bit of examination to see enough to identify what an object likely is but it is a real challenge to ensure that there are no nefarious modifications.

Let’s try three addition images.  I’ll post their identities sometime next week.

Well? — remember we need to make our determination in about 5 seconds.

This is a common item that all of us would recognize on sight but it may not be quite as easy to identify when you can see through it.

If you identify this last image you are an instant expert.

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