What Was That? (3)

If you have been following along, we have been sharing some x-ray images that help us explore the challenges of the many security scanners who work to preserve our safe environment.  Did you guess correctly on the first three items (posted 20120417)?  Well the second three items (posted 20120503) are a capacitor from a microwave oven, a bathroom scale and a module from a Ricoh printer.  If you got all six please run to the front of the Auditorium.  If you didn’t get them all right or you didn’t completely identify all the objects in a total of 30 seconds you really should put in some extra study time.  Remember a security screener need only be wrong once to really mess things up.

Let’s recap.  Here is what a small suitcase looks like when viewed at the airport.  I’m guessing that is a blister pack of antacids and a bottle of aspirin.  What do you think?

X-ray Of Case

A “emerging” concern is implanted explosive devices – a new kind of IED.  This will be very interesting as it is relatively easy to fabricate explosive compounds with densities near that of body parts and when encapsulated in the body our sniffers are not much help.  And if we consider only breast implants the potential amount of explosive is very significant.  My bet is on an external detonation system – the details are left to the reader.  Is it real or is it semtex?

X-ray Implants

Finally, I know the guys at the Secret Service are sad now that they’ve had their wings clipped (and maybe other body parts) so here is a little eye candy.

x-ray oinup



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