Geräucherter Schinkenspeck

I like to eat and am certain you do too.  I am especially fond of well prepared pork.  One of the best means of preparation I can think of is smoking the meat – aaahhh, aroma.  And among the various cuts of pork it is hard to beat a good ham or some bacon.  Everything is better with bacon – yes?  If you want a real treat, straight from heaven, try geräucherter schinkenspeck.


Geräucherter schinkenspeck is the German term for smoked ham/bacon.  A great definition is posted on  As I can’t improve on their definition; I quote, “Originating in Germany, this meat product is made from a lean cut of pork that is processed into a small slab of ham. It is dry-cured, aged and seasoned with juniper berries as well as other spices. Since Schinkenspeck is dry cured, it is ready to eat and can be served either hot or cold. In German, the term Schinken translated means ham and speck means bacon, which is a common use for this cut of meat. The shape of the cut makes it a natural size for bacon, as it can be sliced easily into long thick pieces for frying. When served cold, Schinkenspeck is prepared as thin slices of meat, similar to proscuitto, for use on dark and crusty breads with cheese or served as a meat to be made into an appetizer.”  Tell me that you can look at the picture above and not feel hungry.

Try schinkenspeck and melonballs on a stick at your next party.  It’s not my fault that all your guests will insist on staying for breakfast.

 Schinkenspeck Melonballs

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