Working In The Shop

Can their be anything better than working in the shop?  This is THE guy thing that is in our genes.  There is noise and heat and dust and figuring out and and more noise and even trips to the hardware store.  We get to beat on things and cut things into pieces.  We get to stack and glue and clamp.  Sometime we even sand and smooth and apply finish – and, yes, this can be right up there with some of the chemical magic ladies do while working on their finger nails.

The Shop

You know there is something special about the din that one finds in the shop.  It is melodic in its own way.  Anybody worth half a sou in the woodshop knows how he is doing by the sound of the saws or that little groan the wood makes as the clamps close down tight.  Don’t listen to or fail to understand those sounds and you may get to start over or even use that first aid kit that is on the wall.  Each of the tools has its unique signature and as a project moves through its phases the sounds ares very much like a symphony.

Dubstep Power Tools

In all fairness this is not just a man’s game.  The ladies do fine in the shop too.  It is mighty nice to watch them as they enjoy some time with those power tools.  Satisfaction – you bet!


Nail it!

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