Hurricane Sandy

Sandy is coming.  Sandy is coming.  One if by land. Two if by sea.    Batten down the hatches, we’re expecting unusually strong storm surge, AND lots and lots of rain, AND high winds with gusts, AND blizzard conditions in the mountains.   We’ve got everything except a swarm of locusts, a bunch of africanized honey bees, and e.coli/salmonela tutti fruiti outbreak.  Hurricane Sandy is coming, so we’re cranking.


We’re going to hang out in the shop and make lots of sawdust.  If you’ve got the music playing loud enough to hear it over the noise of the tools you won’t be hearing anything outside anyhow.  If the power goes out, we’ll move those chain saw projects up in the sequence.  Just keep the coffee flowing and the rock loud.  You’ve brought the flood.

The Flood


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