Cubicle Warfare

Cubicle warfare is an intensly interesting game for the passive-aggressive victim of modern workplace living.  Cubicle warfare ups the ante on high school pranks as the warrior wants to be subtle, creative, drive his opponent crazy and make a point without making the point.

We are now ready to take this game to the next level – maybe the ultimate level – nuclear war.  Just punch up this video on your computer, crank the volume up as far as it goes, and let her rip.  Ten, yes ten, minutes of wailing siren warning everyone of the approaching end of the world.

Nuclear Attack Alert Siren

You should never wage war alone – it’s called having allies.  Get your buddies to join in and launch all the sirens simultaneously or sequentially.  This will drive management batso – well, more batso than they already are – but hey, they are management and they will never notice.  After all, this is war.

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