Six Pack Tote

Today I want to share some images of a six pack tote I made.  This is another entry in our recognition of National Woodworkers Month.

I saw a tote similar to this on Pinterest or some place like that on the internet.  I loved the idea but knew I could make improvements in the design.

Six Pack Tote 1

This tote is a reasonably tight fit for six pack of beer.  The spaces in the tote are the same as the spaces in a cardboard box you would get from the store.  The tote is tall enough that you have no worry of dragging your knuckles on a bottle cap.

Six Pack Tote 2

The wood is cedar with a hand rubbed oil finish.  The handle is copper.  The box dividers all fit into rabbets and are glued in place to ensure rigidity.  All the pieces of the box remain in place with a friction fit but are glued with carpenters glue.  The side slats are nailed with copper tacks as a secondary means of attachment (and to look cool).

Six Pack Tote 3

This tote is ment to be an appropriate carrier for some of the excellent micro-brews available.

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