iPhone Passive Acoustic Amplification Device – iPAAD

The iPAAD – iPhone Passive Acoustic Amplification Device – is something I made after seeing a similar widget while surfing the web.  As with most creative endeavors, your thoughts are triggered by something you see or hear and then you make your own design.

iPAAD 01

I chose cedar wood because I had some available and because I like the rich tones and the varied colors.  It is also very easy to cut and shape.

iPAAD 02

The iPhone slides into a central pocket where it is secure. It is an intentionally tight fit for my phone in an Otter Box.  The passive acoustic amplification works just fine for a phone that is not in an Otter Box.

iPAAD 03

The speaker wells are deep enough to support resonance at lower tones.

iPAAD 04

The back is flat and shows off some of the features that make cedar so sharp looking.

So how much amplification does this actually do?  Here is a video in which I play my iPhone first in the air and then in the iPAAD.  :You be the judge.

iPAAD Demo


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