Congressional Baseball Shooting

The Congressional baseball shooting is an event that will drive us to train harder, be more vigilant and to stand as one.

America United

I pause with my fellow Americans to pray for the full recovery of those members of Congress and the Congressional staff that were wounded while playing baseball this morning.  I also join everyone in thanking the security officers who stepped up to the call and stopped what could have gone on to be an even more sad and reprehensible event.

This is a very sobering event.  Any shooting causes one to take note and reflect.  Mass shooting really drive thoughts.  Today’s Congressional baseball shooting is frightening for reasons beyond its being a mass shooting event.

We spend billions to track and check and block those who seek to hurt our nation.  We endure long lines at security checkpoints and who knows what is actually monitored on our phones and on the internet.  The shooter at the ball field today was not a radicalized someone-from-over-there.  He was one of us.  We don’t know much about him – yet – and with him being dead there will be much inference in figuring out what happened.  He was active in politics and he was openly angry.  Millions of Americans are active in politics and many of them are angry.  How do we reduce the risk that today’s madness is ever repeated.

Maybe it is time for our political spectrum to become more civilized.  We saw fisticuffs at political rallies last year.  Candidates and commentators are quick to move to very damning words.  Debates are rancorous and bitter.  There is a constant stream of unsubstantiated and vicious accusations – you’ve heard them; lying, breaking the law, leaking, treason.  The words are too hot and used too quickly.  Social media is a fountain of mud slinging and negativism – set up in a medium where it is like spraying gasoline on a fire.

We validate our actions by watching the actions of our leaders.  If our leaders actions are outrageous – we the people will eventually see the outrageous as acceptible.  If our leaders are gentlepeople – kind, courteous, even tempered, deliberate – the followers will likely be gentlemen and gentlewomen too.  We are, after all, speaking of the actions of “statesmen”.

America is a great country.  Americans are a great people.  We can speak softly and carry a big stick and stand very proud.  God bless America.

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