Writer’s Block

Today it seems I’m experiencing a touch of writer’s block.  This is not the brain numbing, deadline busting, can’t-think-of-anything block – my words just aren’t flowing as smoothly as I want and as freely as I am used to.  I might blame the heat – it is about 100 degrees outside right now; but the house is cool at its normal temperature.  I might blame the political discord that assaults all our senses daily but I’ve cut way back on watching the news so it is not politics.  Nope, it is just that I need to find a way to pop the cork and get those thoughts moving.

writer's block image

“Hello world.”  This expression helped jumpstart more than one programmer.  Just don’t make me work in C — at least not today.

I might flip on the TV and see what the latest scoop is being touted by the talking heads.  This would likely trigger a bout of Tourette’s and make my head hurt so I’ll skip that.  I’m not looking to correct writer’s block with fake news or flip flopping assertions.

writer's block friend

Maybe it is a good thing when our imaginary friends keep quiet.  That inner voice in me is starting to speak and I perceive the trickle of ideas as the text flows across this page,  There are many things to write about.  Friends, family, work, projects, hobbies, the future of mankind – we’ll skip moaning about the weather and politics.

writer's block solved

So for now, things are just ducky.  I’ve updated all my software, scanned for undesirable and bad things, made backups of EVERYTHING, and am ready to get on with it.

Check out the School Of Hard Rocks on YouTube.  And remember the fundamental rule of rock music: if you can hear it you are not playing it loud enough.


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