Pissed Off And Mad About It

The layman’s anthem – Pissed Off And Mad About It.  We are.  Amen.  No kidding.

We’ve all seen it.  We’ve all felt it.  We hear it day in and day out.  Seems that EVERYONE these days is constantly angry – as in pissed off and mad about it.  We ain’t taking no shit. We’re going to bite before the other party has a chance to bite us.  To hell with right or wrong – we are all going to act like politicians and aren’t they just one fine bunch of human beings.

Well, the Texas Hippie Coalition (God bless them all – and they are all fine human beings) wrote what is certainly the anthem of the American layman today.  They wrote this song back in ’08 so they were well ahead of their time.

Play it loud.  Play it often.  Send this song to your elected representatives and share with them the wonderful feelings that stir in our souls.  They should go to church this Sunday and thank God that tar and feathers aren’t as easy to come by as they were in the earlier history of our country (just kidding, probably, no really, well, we’ll see).

crowd disagrees

These days we need referees from the WWF to moderate our town meetings.  And if you happen to attend a “political” event it starts to smell an awful lot like the two minutes of hate some guy named Orwell wrote about.  To see some really neat stuff, follow President Trump on twitter.  We all know how some of his tweets seem other worldly.  But, take a look at the tweets that follow each and every one of his.  It is sad that human beings can even think such thoughts.

Better days are ahead.  We get to trick-or-treat on Halloween and Santa Claus will make all things right for us this Christmas.  But in the mean time we are Pissed Off And Mad About It.


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