I recently cooked my first rockfish. It was caught by someone very special to me and I shared it with others whom I hold special.

It was a good sized fish. I decided to bake it.

rockfish ready to be cooked

I stuffed it with slices of lime and some shredded cilantro.

rockfish stuffed with limes and cilantro

Then I sprinkled julienned ginger and carrots over the top. Shredded cilantro and chopped green onions completed the palate.

rockfish covered with ginger, carrots, green onion and cilantro

Next, I closed the whole thing in an aluminum foil pouch. When it was done it smelled great and looked oh so tempting.

rockfish coming out of the oven

It was delicious. The flesh separated from the bones with perfect ease. It was dinner for three with no left overs.

rockfish all done

I will definitely cook this again.  With rockfish for sure, then I may try the same process with other fish.

Read about the rockfish (striped bass) at the Chesapeake Bay Foundation.

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