Jumping for Joy

We are jumping for joy because spring is approaching.  It is coming slowly but the days are getting longer and the temperatures are rising.

In the mean time, it seems good engineers everywhere are finding ways to relieve their boredom.  Yes, the news has grown tedious as the talking heads seem to be stuck on inane tweets and analysis of inane tweets and even more hyper analysis of inane tweets.  And the government is proving beyond any shadow of doubt that it can’t govern let alone hit its ass with both hands simultaneously. (The phrase “self-licking ice cream cone” is aptly applied here.)  The toolies aren’t bothered by all of this as there is science to be done.

Today, we found these good ole boys in the gym.  Maybe they have a New Year’s resolution to work out so that even more hot chicks will chase them – or maybe they are pursuing perpetual motion.

Anyway, you’ve got to give them an “A” for form and perseverance.  And check out that height.  Now go calculate the stiffness coefficient of the board.

What will they think of next.  Those damn engineers.


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