Happy Valentine’s Day

Happy Valentine’s Day!  Valentine’s Day comes but once a year.  We can celebrate any day of the year and every day of the year but on Valentine’s Day our celebration is focused on our most special feelings and those for whom we hold those feelings.

The guys with the mechanical pencils and the pocket protectors put together a little thing for today.

TDE valentine

Just goes to show once again that everything in this life can be reduced to math.

And while we are at it, things get even more fun when you apply a little digital processing.  Voila, wire frame teddy bears.  What could be cooler.

TDE bears

Well maybe a lot of things.  But for today, this is it.

We close this post with a grand old song by the Beatles, All You Need Is Love.

Enjoy the song.  Enjoy the day.  Spend it with someone special.  Tomorrow we are back in the salt mines.



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