He’s Back

Let the world know he’s back.  Back from an exciting summer, back from a road trip of many turns and stops along the way, back from long days and steamy nights.

I know, I know.  I’ve been away for some time.  Missing in action.  Off the net.  Gone with no forwarding address.  Actually, I went on a trip and got sidelined with some things that kept me very busy and very distracted.  But now, the super moon has set, the hurricane is weakening and turning south and those damn hot summer days are shifting into fall.  I have a stable internet connection and life is good.

What a road trip, I was out with my best buddy.  We had, and are having, a great time.

roadtrip photo 1

Pokey and I get along in the way that most likely only dog lovers understand.  It is just sort of automatic.  We go everywhere together – and we plan on sharing some of our adventures on this blog.  We’ve got a lot in common.  We both love to eat – meat.  We are both sort of obstinate – maybe even butt headed.  We are both hunters – Pokey chases squirrels and I chase after excitement and exotic things.


Pokey is a real inspector.  He keeps an eye on our surroundings at all times.  No one can sneak up on Pokey.  This is his riding position when we are moving less than 30 MPH.  When we go to cruising speed, it’s windows up and he looks through the glass.

hanging out

Sometimes we just have to hang out.  Even then we are thinking about that next adventure – or maybe where to find to find some really fine meat.


Welcome Spring

Tomorrow is the first day of spring.  Finally.  Al last.  After a really hard winter.

And our forecast: is for another 1″ to 3″ of snow. Now I don’t really mind a little more snow but couldn’t we somehow have saved this for July or August?


I broke two shovels this winter and am really looking forward to getting the hose out and seeing what color my car actually is.

Still Pokégenic

Poké is still superbly pokégenic.*

Poke 141211

* Pokégenic – (po-ké-gen-ic) adj.  1. Attractive as a subject for photography.  2. Unable to be caught in a boring photo. 3. Presenting an image of being simultaneously wise, demur, alert, caring, and nonchalant.

Milestone – 100,000 Views

A milestone is a significant event in life or history.  At the School Of Hard Rocks we are celebrating the passing of a milestone.  Our video “Cleaning Pennies In A Rock Tumbler” has racked up over 100,000 views.  We cleaned lots of pennies using this method and have been pleased that others find the video interesting.

Cleaning Pennies In A Rock Tumbler

We are setting up for another series of runs.  This time the cleaned pennies will be used in some projects we have been noodling on for quite a while.  When we finish we will post the results.

And remember – when you are polishing rocks, the surface is finished when it looks the same wet or dry.

Celebrating A Milestone

Reaching or passing a milestone is always satisfying and is something generally worth sharing.  The School Of Hard Rocks passed a milestone last week.  Our videos on YouTube have been viewed more than 200,000 times.


We hope that those viewing the videos enjoyed watching them as much as we enjoyed making them.  Even more, we hope the information we shared was helpful. Some of the most popular videos are presented here:

Rock Tumblers at the SOHR

We have some interesting projects underway.  New videos will follow.  If you are shopping for a rock tumbler visit our site, watch our videos, see and hear what rock tumblers sound like and how they work.  Then get one and do some magic.

Time To Vote

It is finally time to vote.  The weather is nice.  The lines aren’t too long.  There aren’t many referenda for consideration this fall.  So it is a great day to vote.  And besides, you get a really neat sticker that will impress all your friends.

I voted.

It is clear from the polls that this is a close race.  We will not see any “mandate” in the returns but you can bet with certainty that whomever wins will declare that our votes made a mandate.  We can also expect absolute mayhem during the lame duck days of this congress – they’ve been turds so far so why expect any change for the better now.  And wait till January – the gridlock in DC will get serious then (and it is coming no matter who is elected President).

Political Promises

We are rapidly approaching the moment when the polls open and we can each vote our conscience.  This is one last time I get to remind everyone just how specious political promises actually are.  Not that we’ve heard many this campaign season as it seems American politicians can only bitch,moan and complain about what their oppenent did or didn’t do.  The sadest thought for now is that there is no one to teach the newly elected officials how to do anything.  So we will only see more asses in our morass unless we the people stay on them.

If elected . . .

Chinese Water Torture

The Chinese water torture – at least the American equivalent to it – is drawing to an end.  This campaign has sucked S-U-C-K-E-D.  For months all we have had is the constant drip, drip, drip of whiners – the whinyest of which is that lady from American Crossroads.  The next time I hear someone say “Mr. President” the next words out of their mouth had better be “I am here to help you.”


Whomever is elected President will need all the help he can get.  No one has addressed paying off our collective debt.  No on has even identified how to eliminate the deficit and actually live without borrowing 40% of our annual budget – every year. The special interests are all lined up with their wheelbarrows ready.  Grab what cash you can get now because Uncle Sam is broke.

Reread the Constitution.  We the people have been letting our congress get away with murder.  Most of the complaints voiced by our sponsored whiners are actually about things that are the responsibility of congress.  We elect those folks too – so it is time for us to get up off our duffs and start participating in our government.

Election 2012 Preview

Only three more days until Election 2012.  So for three more days we get to endure the hell of never ending stupid political commercials (where do they get these whiners) and the steady stream of mindless robotic phone calls.  Tomorrow the talking heads will share their deep punditry and by next Sunday we will all know that they are indeed related to Will Robinson.  Starting Wednesday, mailmen can breathe a sigh of relief when they no longer need to deliver all that junk mail political sewage (maybe that was just practice for delivering all those worthless Christmas catalogs).  Three more days – we can take it.

To all those running for office out there, we got your message.

Namerican Way

One big plus coming out of all this is the great set of videos that is now circulating.  Our country may be in trouble, our politicians corrupt and ignorant, the special interest groups viscious and coniving but our comics still speak truth and share humor.  Here are two of my favorites.

Will The Real Mitt Romney Please Stand Up

U Didn’t Build That

Please exercise one of our greatest rights and vote!  Democracy only works if “we the people” make it so.

Happy Halloween!

It’s Halloween – one of those holidays that doesn’t make much sense but always serves as a good excuse to party and do stupid things.  Whatever we do today can always be explained away as some Halloween goofiness.  Yes, you can eat two pounds of candy – it’s Halloween.  Indulge.

Halloween pig.

Well, we’re hog wild about Halloween.  The treats are piled high by the front door and the tricks are sequestered for that most appropriate time.

The Monster Mash

After you’ve checked the video, isn’t it great how special effects have improved in just 50 years.  The music today is much better too.  Now get out there and trick or treat.  I’m getting the urge to howl.