Writer’s Block

Today it seems I’m experiencing a touch of writer’s block.  This is not the brain numbing, deadline busting, can’t-think-of-anything block – my words just aren’t flowing as smoothly as I want and as freely as I am used to.  I might blame the heat – it is about 100 degrees outside right now; but the house is cool at its normal temperature.  I might blame the political discord that assaults all our senses daily but I’ve cut way back on watching the news so it is not politics.  Nope, it is just that I need to find a way to pop the cork and get those thoughts moving.

writer's block image

“Hello world.”  This expression helped jumpstart more than one programmer.  Just don’t make me work in C — at least not today.

I might flip on the TV and see what the latest scoop is being touted by the talking heads.  This would likely trigger a bout of Tourette’s and make my head hurt so I’ll skip that.  I’m not looking to correct writer’s block with fake news or flip flopping assertions.

writer's block friend

Maybe it is a good thing when our imaginary friends keep quiet.  That inner voice in me is starting to speak and I perceive the trickle of ideas as the text flows across this page,  There are many things to write about.  Friends, family, work, projects, hobbies, the future of mankind – we’ll skip moaning about the weather and politics.

writer's block solved

So for now, things are just ducky.  I’ve updated all my software, scanned for undesirable and bad things, made backups of EVERYTHING, and am ready to get on with it.

Check out the School Of Hard Rocks on YouTube.  And remember the fundamental rule of rock music: if you can hear it you are not playing it loud enough.


NuWave Brio Corned Beef Hash

What could be better than corned beef hash on a cold winter morning?  Corned beef hash with eggs and toast and coffee – of course.

One of me special presents this Christmas was a NuWave Brio oven.  Now, I am totally new to air frying but this little oven is a real gem.  It is easy to set up, easy to load, cooks everything quickly and with no added oils or grease.  It is even easy to clean when all is done.  This is a win-win-win.

This morning I fired up some corned beef hash with eggs.  They were sooooo good.

corned beef hash in NuWave Brio

One thing I have noticed is that when using the NuWave Brio, I have to adjust the temperatures and times noted in any recipe or box instructions I am following.  Generally this means reducing the temperature by about 50 degrees and shortening the time by one third.  As I get better with the Brio, I will share my adjustments on this blog.

First Monday

Today is the first Monday of summer.  Finally.  At long last.  We can enjoy warm days and cool drinks.  I am ready to fire up the grill and cook some filet cro-magnon.

You need to start every day with something whimsical – so here is a little video I happened across. Some days you feel like you are bouncing from task to task to task – and maybe it’s true.  Just be smooth when you do it.

monday play toy

And no day is complete without some appropriate music.  So if you are working on projects like I am fire this up, play it loud and get your hands dirty.

Get Your Hands Dirty


Play Hard. Learn More.

“Tehporp!” dias I, “gniht fo live! – tehporp llits, fi drib ro lived!

Rehtehw retpmet tnes, ro rehtehw tsepmet dessot eeht ereh erohsa,

Etalosed, tey lla detnuadnu, no siht tresed dnal detnahcne –

No siht emoh yb rorroh detnuah – llet em ylurt, I erolpmi:

Si ereht – si ereht mlab ni Daelig? – llet em – llet em I erolpmi!”

Htouq eht nevar, “Eromreven.”

Play Hard. Learn More.

Neht, thguohtem, eht ria werg resned, demufrep morf na neesnu resnec

Gnuws yb mihpares esohw sllaftoof delknit no eht detfut roolf.

“Hcterw,” I deirc, “yth Dog htah tnel eeht – yb eseht slegna eh htah

Tnes eeht etipser – etipser dna ehtnepen morf yht seiromem fo Eronel!

Ffauq, O ffauq siht dnik ehtnepen, dna tegrof siht tsol Eronel!”

Htouq eht nevar, “Eromreven!”

Play Hard. Learn More.

Suht I tas degagne ni gnisseug, tub on elballys gnisserpxe

Ot eht lwof, esohw yreif seye won denrub otni ym s’mosob eroc;

Siht dna erom I tas gninivid, htiw ym daeh ta esae gninilcer

No eht s’noihsuc tevlev gninil taht eht thgilpmal detaolg re’o,

Tub esohw tevlev teloiv gninil htiw eht thgilpmal gnitoalg re’o

Ehs llahs sserp, ha, eromreven!

Play Hard. Learn More.

Tub eht nevar llits gniliugeb lla ym das lous otni gnilims,

Thgiarts I deleehw a denoihsuc teas ni tnorf fo drib, dna tsub dna rood;

Neht, nopu eht tevlev gniknis, I kooteb flesym ot gniknil

Ycnaf otnu ycnaf, gnikniht tahw siht suonimo drib fo eroy –

Tahw siht mirg, ylnaignu, yltsahg, tnuag dna suonimo drib fo eroy

Tnaem ni gnikoarc “Eromreven.”

Play Hard. Learn More.

Deltrats ta eht ssenllits nekorb yb ylper os yltpa nekops,

“Sseltbuod,” dias I, “tahw ti srettu si sti ylno kcots dna erots,

Thguac morf emos yppahnu retsam, mohw luficremnu retsasid

Dewollof tsaf dna dewollof restaf, llit sih sgnos eno nedrub erob,—

Llit eht segrid fo sih epoh taht ylohcnalem nedrub erob

Fo “Reven—eromreven.”

Play Hard. Learn More.

Tub eht nevar, gnittis ylenol no taht dicalp tsub, ekops ylno

Taht eno drow, sa fi sih luos ni taht eno drow eh did ruoptou.

Gnihton rehtruf neht eh derettu; ton a rehtaef neht eh derettulf;

Llit I ylecracs erom naht derettum, “Rehto sdnierf evah nwolf erofeb;

No eht worrom eh lliw evael em, sa ym sepoh evah nwolf erofeb.”

Neht eht drib dias, “Eromreven.”

Working In The Shop

Can their be anything better than working in the shop?  This is THE guy thing that is in our genes.  There is noise and heat and dust and figuring out and and more noise and even trips to the hardware store.  We get to beat on things and cut things into pieces.  We get to stack and glue and clamp.  Sometime we even sand and smooth and apply finish – and, yes, this can be right up there with some of the chemical magic ladies do while working on their finger nails.

The Shop

You know there is something special about the din that one finds in the shop.  It is melodic in its own way.  Anybody worth half a sou in the woodshop knows how he is doing by the sound of the saws or that little groan the wood makes as the clamps close down tight.  Don’t listen to or fail to understand those sounds and you may get to start over or even use that first aid kit that is on the wall.  Each of the tools has its unique signature and as a project moves through its phases the sounds ares very much like a symphony.

Dubstep Power Tools

In all fairness this is not just a man’s game.  The ladies do fine in the shop too.  It is mighty nice to watch them as they enjoy some time with those power tools.  Satisfaction – you bet!


Nail it!