Entendre – to hear, to listen to, to understand.  Double entendre is a phrase that has two meanings – one that is innocent or literal and the other that is risqué, bawdy or ironic.  Being one whose primary link to the world is visual, I see silent double entendres daily.  Here is a collection of some photos and their titles.  You can see them literally or ironically – or both – or neither.  I am having fun with these, hope you do too.

Hot Shot Canadian Style

Kick Stand

hot shot

Hot Shot

Fly Fishing

black pepper image

Black Pepper


Working the Angles

Apple Store

The Apple Store

birds of a feather

Birds Of A Feather


puppy love

Puppy Love

bar belle

Bar Belle

Fire Man

Fire Man

Writers Block

Writer’s Block

Hand Prints

Hand Prints

Life on the Edge

Life On The Edge

Hot Shot

Hot Shot

Holey Smoke

Holey Smoke

Cheap Skate

A Cheap Skate

Half Time

Half Time

Book Shelf

Book Shelf


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