Time to get pumped.  A good workout gets the blood flowing, clears your mind and sets you up for the rest of the day.  You just can’t beat a grunt session in the gym with some free weights.  A close second is grabbing a chain saw and making a big tree into a lot of smaller pieces like beams and benches.  Seems like it always takes a few thousand strokes with that Armstrong saw and that block plane to get any project squared and smooth.  All that time on the bench is well spent.  Your muscles feel good in the gym and they feel good in the shop.  You are safer in both activities when you are stronger, so eat well and get enough rest.

Another similarity between pumping iron and logging is that while both are essentially individual activities – one man versus gravity or one man working the tree – both are safest with a trusted friend spotting.  If you don’t need a friend watching your back you aren’t lifting heavy enough and your are cutting brush rather than logging.

Go big or go home.

Doyle Kenady 898# Deadlift

Warm up so that your muscles are as hot as your heart.  We’re going to kick some ass.

Drowning Pool – The Game

Focus your thoughts.

Fit for Rivals – Damage

Crank it up another level.

Motley Crue – Kickstart My Heart

Be aware of your surroundings but ignore them.

Flyleaf – All Around Me

You are your own Master – a Master Blaster.

Metallica – Master Of Puppets

Go heavy.

Go Heavy

Go really heavy – always.

I Am Empire – Brain Damage

Measure progress with your own ruler.

Death Angel – Thicker Than Blood

Olympics 2012

When others quit, keep right on going.

Hammerfall – Last Man Standing

Hard rock and hard work makes one rock hard.

Frei.Wild – Sieger Stehen

If something is worth doing, it’s worth doing now.

Just Do It

Don’t forget to have a good friend spot you.

Extreme Motivation

When you finish be sure to cool down.

Laboda and Max – Heartbeat

And wrap it all up with a little run through the jungle.  Breath deeply, keep your eyes open and your ears sharp.  Avoid Malayan man traps, punji pits and trip wires.  And if you encounter someone who shouldn’t be in the jungle, wish them a good day as you are prepared to change that.

Run Through The Jungle


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