Happy Birthday iPhone

Who’d a thunk?  The iPhone has been with us for 5 years – just  5 years.  If you happen to be an iPhonatic (I am one) then it is hard to imagine life without such an instrument.  I tried cell phones – Motorolas, Nokias, flips and candy bars.  Then I tried a Blackberry, in fact a couple of them.  Had my Blackberry thumb to prove it.  When I finally got an iPhone – yes, a 4s with Siri – things just clicked.

It is important to be able to share one’s life.  I don’t mean be a pain in the ass Twitter bomber – but a quick photo of that finished project or a text that you have completed yet another trip safely make a big difference.  You simply can not beat an iPhone for that.  And Facetime – way cool.

It’s only been five years since Steve Jobs rolled this out – but have we ever gone a long way with our wide screen iPod with touch controls and our revolutionary mobile phone and our breakthrough internet communications device known simply as the iPhone.

iPhone Rollout