Electric Car – Hiriko Fold

Those Toolies at MIT have cranked out an electric car.  The Hiriko Fold is an all electric vehicle that can do some amazing things.  Like, it folds up to fit into ridiculously small parking places – no doubt a direct result of having spent significant time in Cambridge.  It also has wheels that support zero radius turning or can even maneuver laterally to park by sliding in sideways.

Hirido Fold

With a range of 75 miles and the ability to carry two individuals this is not a general purpose automobile.  However, for most commuters this looks to be just about perfect.

Hiriko Fold

One question I have is how does this vehicle perform in the winter?  That is an awful lot of glass.  If you park outside, and many of us do, it would take a bit of work to clear that entire area – and – an electric vehicle doesn’t generate the waste heat we use for our defrosters on other cars – so I’m just wondering.

Hiroko Fold

They promise to have these on the market next year for around $16,000.  Live testing is underway in Europe now so if you want to hold your breath, you will probably survive.