Grog’s Animated Knots

My right wrist keeps twitching which means that fishing time is fast upon us.  So now is a good time to check out all the gear.  Clean and lube the reels, check all the bindings on the guides, tighten all the fittings, put on new line (and if you are using 30 pound line on everything you are bragging and actually reducing your chances of catching old Elmo).

Putting on new line means that all those knots must be tied again.  Sometime it can be a bit of a challenge remembering which “proper” knot to use and how to tie it.  Grannies are easy to remember and quick to tie but will let you down in the clinch.   I highly recommend visiting Animated Knots by Grog.  On this site you will find knots for every purpose.  For each knot there is a detailed explaination of how to tie it AND a video that walks you through it.  Couldn’t be better – but it is.  Grog has iPhone and Droid apps that you can download and take with you.Trilene knot at Grog's

Do yourself a favor and go check out Animated Knots by Grog.  It is a great website.  And if you download the app to your phone it will be like having your favorite uncle tucked in your pocket.