Blood Serum Alert

That screaming I hear in my ears is telling me that my blood serum metal level is too low.  I hope you joined me in a massive dose of Metallica on Monday.  If not, I am cranking up Master of Puppets.  Twist the volume clockwise as far as it will go.  Don’t worry – good music is felt and not heard.

Master of Puppets

My windows are plexiglass because that hardware store glass keeps breaking.

Metal Monday

Today is Metal Monday.  I am so tired of Christmas carols and goofy holiday this-n-thats.  Is there no one left in this world who can work a cash register or who has any consideration for others while shopping or driving?

Metallica – is the antidote and for today is the answer.  The video below is of Metallica performing earlier this year in Rio.  Skip forward to 4:27 if you want to miss the talking head – the music starts here and runs on for a couple of mind clearing hours.  Play this twice and if your holiday hangover isn’t gone, come on back and we’ll fix you up with some Mötley Crüe.

Metallica – Rio – 2011