Surf’s Up

One of my favorite places is the beach.  Surf’s up.  How can you beat a day in the sun with good food, good friends, catching some rays.

The beaches seem to be changing.  It is slow but now days there is more trash washing up.  And the tides seem to push a little further into the sand.  And the storms, they can really pound.  Some argue global warming – some argue that it is not.

I think the earth changes over time.  Man can influence the rate of change but man may not be able to drive change (as in stop or reverse a trend).  If the melting that is observed in the large ice formations continues to accelerate as we have observed over the last 10 years we will no doubt see major changes in our coastlines.

The southeastern United States is especially flat and of low elevation.  Sea level rise would have an early and very negative effect on this huge portion of our nation.

So, for all the beach lovers out there, the question is; if the sea level rises will we have more miles of beach to visit or fewer?

The World’s Most Typical Person

I’ve never been accused of being typical or even normal and we will skip past the commonly used adjectives.  But typical is one of the topics for today.  Photos of Danica May Comacho are all over the web.  Danica was born today in the Philippines and is a “representative” seven billionth human being.  The UN says the world population will hit seven billion in October.  The bureaucratic twits narrowed that down to 31 October.  More likely, humanity will cross that threshold sometime during 2011.  That is a very large number of people, which brings us back to the original question: Are you typical?

The World’s Most Typical Person