He’s Back

Let the world know he’s back.  Back from an exciting summer, back from a road trip of many turns and stops along the way, back from long days and steamy nights.

I know, I know.  I’ve been away for some time.  Missing in action.  Off the net.  Gone with no forwarding address.  Actually, I went on a trip and got sidelined with some things that kept me very busy and very distracted.  But now, the super moon has set, the hurricane is weakening and turning south and those damn hot summer days are shifting into fall.  I have a stable internet connection and life is good.

What a road trip, I was out with my best buddy.  We had, and are having, a great time.

roadtrip photo 1

Pokey and I get along in the way that most likely only dog lovers understand.  It is just sort of automatic.  We go everywhere together – and we plan on sharing some of our adventures on this blog.  We’ve got a lot in common.  We both love to eat – meat.  We are both sort of obstinate – maybe even butt headed.  We are both hunters – Pokey chases squirrels and I chase after excitement and exotic things.


Pokey is a real inspector.  He keeps an eye on our surroundings at all times.  No one can sneak up on Pokey.  This is his riding position when we are moving less than 30 MPH.  When we go to cruising speed, it’s windows up and he looks through the glass.

hanging out

Sometimes we just have to hang out.  Even then we are thinking about that next adventure – or maybe where to find to find some really fine meat.


Road Trip With Mama Luba

It’s the holidays.  Time to hit the highways and go somewhere and see somebody and do something.  I once made it from Boston to San Francisco in 50 hours – but “those were the days”.  For a trip now, please book me with Serebro and I’m not really worried about how long it might take to get anywhere.

Mama Luba

На восток!