Was nun?

Having crossed my fingers while taking a vow to be absolutely serious always and seeing the end of the absolutely abysmal winter It is time to break out the toys and have some fun.  I have started on the motorcycle and have the chain saw warmed up.  I am shopping seriously for a welder and have a backlog of projects to apply it to.  It is time for something new – even Alles Neu.  So, was nun?  Alles.

Seid bereit.  Jederzeit.


TNT – more than a crossword puzzle witticism; something that make a huge blast; a real classic when performed by AC/DC.  Well, it’s Saturday night and we’re cranking up the TNT – it’s dynamite.


Go Angus.

Red Rubber Ball

The morning sun is shining like a red rubber ball.  It’s Flashback Friday and we’re flashing back to the 60’s.  Do you remember a group called The Cyrkle?  They were a so called “frat rock” group – frats no longer rock this way you can be most assured.  The Cyrkle had two hits “Red Rubber Ball” and “Turn Down Day”.

Red Rubber Ball

This is a pleasant tune, from mellower times.  Maybe this is the “class” in classic rock.

Red Rubber Ball

Frat rock?  Aw jeez, food fight!

Run Thru The Jungle

It’s been one of those days.  Not bad.  I finished the tasks I needed to complete and made good progress on the others.  The coffee was hot and black and there was plenty of spicy, juicy meat.  But I keep hearing that classic “Run Through The Jungle” by Creedence Clearwater Revival.  Ah, those were the best of times — most of the time.  This just gives me a little extra motivation to add a few extra sets to this evenings workout.

Run Thru The Jungle

Winners never quit.

Winners Never Quit

See you in the jungle.


Hush my mouth.  It’s Sunday and if you’ve been around the School Of Hard Rocks for a while you know we usually enjoy some organ music on Sundays.  Organ music can be righteous and soothing.  John Lord is righteous any time he plays the organ.  Today John is playing the Deep Purple classic Hush which is righteous in and of itself.  So sit back, crank it up and hush – I’m getting mellow.

Hush – John Lord

Feel Good Friday

It’s Friday and I feel good.  Not just good but great.

The projects for this week are either done (and done is great) or at a necessary stopping point as I wait for someone else (NEVER be the cause for delay).  So now we celebrate.  A little rock, in fact a lot of rock.  Heat up those amps and shake some walls.

Feeling good is contageous.  So get out there and share.  Loudly.

Dr. Feelgood

Dr. Feelgood

Back To School Special

It’s August and for many, many people that means going back to school.  The teachers have already started preparing their classrooms and their lesson plans.  The kids are squeezing in the last few days of summer play and good times – not that school days aren’t good times, but you know.

No back to school preparation can be complete without many playings of Pink Floyd’s Another Brick In The Wall.  Enjoy the video.  That weird thing at the end that rings and has some sort of wheel on it is a telephone – a really old telephone.

Another Brick In The Wall