iPhone Art

I don’t know which I love more – my iPhone or the world of apps that it helped trigger.  The iPhone is a grand instrument and has proven rugged enough to survive six months of being carried around by me (yes I packed it in an Otterbox).  I can call and text and email from anywhere and Facetime, now that is so Jetson. The phone and the iOS are almost magic but it’s the apps that make iPhone-ism such a rich and enabling experience.

My latest diversion is art on my iPhone.  I don’t spend huge amounts of time scribbling but because it’s in my pocket, I can indulge my creativity anywhere and at any time.

iPhone Art 001

I did this first image using SpawnMusic.  Drawing with SpawnMusic is basically a dance with a random number generator and some rather sophisticated algorithms.  You can snap a picture as the screen evolves.  The image moves and evolves quickly but with a little practice you can catch the one you want before it is gone (it won’t cycle back so don’t snooze).  This is my version of a cyber peacock.

In a complete shift in concept, Inkflow gives you absolute control over image generation.  Everything comes down to where and how you touch the screen.  I haven’t figured it out yet but there is something different in sketching on an iPhone and sketching on a paper pad.  The iPhone environment seems to almost have an intrinsic depth that paper lacks.  I do really like being able to save with a click and then share with another.  This is a self portrait of me jumping into the day.

Self Portrait

Here it is, iPhone art.  Try it – you’ll like it.

iPhone Art

I really enjoy my iPhone.  It’s a great tool and maybe an even better toy.  My iPhone helps me keep track of email on many accounts and keeps me tied instantly to many friends by IM.  It’s the apps that make the iPhone most interesting.  The games are great – even though they can suck up a lot of time.  I’ve got a guitar that actually sounds pretty descent.  One of my favorite apps is SpawnMusic – not for its music but for its art.  It takes a seed and a random number generator and draws some great stuff.  Just capture it to a file and you can have some very nice wallpapers.  It is random and it is fast moving so getting a good picture is like snapping photos of snowflakes falling onto a warm surface.

iPhone Art - by Byers

Bombs Bursting In Air – by Byers


War Games - by Byers

  War Games – by Byers