Time Lapse Engine Rebuild

I have always been a fan of time lapse photography.  When I came across this video of an engine being rebuilt I just had to share.

The mechanic/videographer noted that he started taking photos of his project so that he could figure out where all the parts go during reassembly.  I do that on my projects so he had my attention instantly.  What triggered the flash of inspiration to snap enough photos in a sequence so that they could knit into a video is unknown – maybe that is why it is called a flash of inspiration.

Anyway, the video is great.  The mechanic work is as intriguing as the film technique.

Time Lapse Engine Rebuild

The engine rebuild took 11 months to complete.  It would be really interesting to learn just how many cups of coffee were consumed while doing this work.

Monday Mayhem.

Mayhem.  We always hope that Mondays go smoothly but it IS Monday and one of the laws of physics is that stuff happens.  Monday mornings are usually drowned in lethargy – boring meetings, more boring meetings conference calls and video sessions.  We get a little lunch and prepare to launch with the greatest of expectations.  And then it happens.  We are intereacting with the real world and if you haven’t done lots and lots of homework and preparation only one thing can happen – mayhem.

Here’s a little video that will help us understand some of the mayhem that surrounds us.  And if we are lucky enough to not be in the midst of any of this we can sit back and enjoy the carefully captured images of nature.


Manhattan Project

Now here is a Manhattan Project that is really cool.  A time-lapse video that takes us around the island.  You will want to watch it more than once.  Enjoy.

Manhattan Project

Manhattan Island

Manhattan Island – what a great deal for $24 worth of baubles and blankets.  Now you can’t park there for $24 – such is progress.

Can you name the five boroughs of New York City?

Manhattan, Brooklyn, the Bronx, Queens, and Staten Island.

Best Seat In The House

The view is magnificent.  You can see for miles and miles.  You can see most everything as it whizzes by below (actually as you whiz by overhead, but it’s relative, right Einstein?).

This is the earth.  Filmed from the International Space Station.  Yeah, the music sux but just mute your speakers.  I find the video fascinating and am especially drawn to the view of the cities’ lights glowing at night – sort of the global village with a highlighter.  I am sure there is much more to see and that several viewings will be required to capture even most of the information here.  Enjoy.

Earth From The ISS


We had some snow today – and it was rather cool and windy – so everyone was wishing they were in Hawaii.  Now, Hawaii is a fine place but it is not just sandy beaches and luaus.  On the big island (Hawaii, formally) you see fog and snow and lots of things most tourists wouldn’t expect to encounter in Hawaii.  In fact, the volcanos are so tall and their slopes so arid that if you camp around 6000 ft or higher you will need an artic sleeping bag even in the summer.  The days will be hot but the nights will be really cold.  During the days you can get an absolutely excellent tan as the skies are generally clear and you are above most of the dense part of the atmosphere.

The crew at Upthink Lab made a time lapse video of Mauna Kea.  It’s great.  Enjoy.

Mauna Kea Time Lapse