We had some snow today – and it was rather cool and windy – so everyone was wishing they were in Hawaii.  Now, Hawaii is a fine place but it is not just sandy beaches and luaus.  On the big island (Hawaii, formally) you see fog and snow and lots of things most tourists wouldn’t expect to encounter in Hawaii.  In fact, the volcanos are so tall and their slopes so arid that if you camp around 6000 ft or higher you will need an artic sleeping bag even in the summer.  The days will be hot but the nights will be really cold.  During the days you can get an absolutely excellent tan as the skies are generally clear and you are above most of the dense part of the atmosphere.

The crew at Upthink Lab made a time lapse video of Mauna Kea.  It’s great.  Enjoy.

Mauna Kea Time Lapse