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Before and After
How do you know what a rock will look like after you polish it?

When tumble polishing rocks you really can't know what it will look like when done.  You can look at similar rocks that you have polished or that were polished by others.  This will give you some idea of what colors or surface shine you might get.  Each rock us unique.  Polishing only exposes its inner beauty.

I want to share some photos of rocks I have polished.  The sets include "before" I started to polish them and "after".  Sometimes the before shots are pretty ugly but then the magic of tumbling takes over and the inner beauty is revealed.  Who says beauty is only skin deep?


Carnelian Agate

Carnelian Agate - Before
Carnelian Agate - After
Carnelian Agate - Close Up

Blue Grey Agate

Blue Grey Agate - Before
Blue Grey Agate - After
Blue Grey Agate - Close Up

Mixed Rock

Mixed Rock - Before
Mixed Rock - After
Mixed Rock - Close Up

Girasol Opal

Girasol Opal - Before
Girasol Opal - After
Girasol Opal - Close Up

Spotted Sodalite

Spotted Sodalite - Before
Spotted Sodalite - After
Spotted Sodalite - Close Up


Moonstone - Before
Moonstone - After
Moonstone - Close Up

Lake Michigan Agates - "Lakers"

Lakers - Before
Lakers - After
Lakers - Close Up

Agate from Oregon

Oregon Agates - Before
Oregon Agates - After
Oregon Agates - Close Up

Petrified Wood from South Dakota

Polished Petrified Wood