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Model B1A1

The B1A1 is a rock tumbler that I built. I wanted to grind some big loads and try my hand at grinding and polishing larger rocks - softball to football size - so a larger machine than my Thumlers was needed. The design was done using Google Sketch Up - it is a great drawing package - all parts correctly dimensioned and 3D. The machine has a capacity of between 100 pounds and 200 pounds of rocks - mostly dependent upon the size of tires used. This has been fun to plan and a hoot to build. Follow the assembly process here.

B1A1 Rock Tumbler

Here is what the action looks like inside one of the B1A1 tires while the machine is operating. This is a 17 inch truck tire loaded with 30 pounds of hammer broken stone, 3 pounds of 46 - 70 silicone carbide grit and 1/2 gallon of water. I can hardly wait to get 4 of these running - that is hard rocking!

This picture shows one of the many reasons that I really enjoy running the B1A1 rock tumbler. The pile of rocks on the left is from a Thumler Model B - a 15 pound machine. The Model B barrel is sitting behind the rocks. On the right is a load of rocks from one tire of the B1A1 - about 65 pounds of rocks. If you have enough rocks to feed it, the B1A1 can grind 200 pounds of rocks and does it with the same ease as a Model B.

Rock on!


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